When a Run is the WORST

I read a lot of running blogs. Most of these are written by people much faster and seemingly much more put together than I feel in my marathon training. It’s hard for me to imagine that they ever have a run that goes a horribly as my last long run went on Sunday; however, when I look back through their archives, I’m reminded that even if their idea of a bad run is at a pace I couldn’t imagine in a million years, the feelings appear to be the same.
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And we’re back.

I’m not even going to look back in the archives to see the last post on this blog. I’ll just assume it was a million years ago and leave it at that. However, I’ve been given homework by my new running coach telling me that it is important to journal the process of running your first marathon, so here I am.

A little fast forward catching up since we last spoke: I ran the Philly Half, then ran 6 more. I worked in a tent in Boston, then happily made the journey back to my beloved Great White Way on a fantastic show called Once.

And thanks to that 8-time Tony Award winning show (#humblebrag), I have this unusual thing in my life called stability. So follow me here for the next 90 days as I recap the highs and lows of training for the NYC Marathon.

PS I’m running with this amazing organization called Team for Kids. Support me here!