Tony Sunday!!

*I realize I’m still catching up from the cable outage debacle. Thanks for bearing with me!

I have to say, I just love Sundays in NYC. This Sunday, especially, as Tony Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year!

Sunday morning started with Nick and I heading up to St. Ignatius to sing at the 11am Wallace Hall mass. Recently, our director discovered that I still could sort of play the flute, so my flute playing has returned (aren’t you happy Mom?).

After Mass, we headed back to Queens for some more puppy-playing and delicious lunch made by my brother-in-law. Then Ken came and cut all of our hair. Seriously, Emily’s best friend since 5th grade is a brilliant stylist that worked at a super fancy salon in Dallas and now, thankfully for all of us, he and his husband Scott have made the move to NYC. Should you be looking for a stylist, you should check him out. His haircuts are the things of legends! Seriously.

After our haircuts, we headed out to the movies in Astoria to see Super 8. You all know my love affair with Kyle Chandler, so of course I love any chance I can see him on screen. I was a bit jumpy throughout the movie (I maybe don’t do great with suspense as a genre), but I did really, really enjoy it. After the movies, we headed to the fanciest grocery store in Astoria which is always exciting to grab some supplies for our Tony party. Oh yes, usually I’m in heels and sequins a la this pic:

Arriving at the Tony Party for Rock of Ages in 2009.

However this year had me watching in my pjs with some great friends and hot dogs. I love, love, love Tony Sunday and thought this telecast was one of the best in awhile. Though the mood of the party drooped a bit when our good buddy Rory O’Malley did not win the Tony for best actor in a supporting role in a musical for his amazing performance in Book of Mormon (John Laroquette took home that honor for his performance in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), we all agreed that he was in good company, and that this would be the first of MANY Tony Awards where we would be able to gather around and cheer for him! Plus, Book of Mormon took home many honors indeed, so we imagine it was probably still a great night for him and his entire company!

I so enjoyed watching with my friends and family. It was so nice to be able to let those guys into my life for just an evening. Just the whole dorkiness of my favorite thing in the world. Love. Also, any time I can see Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman, and Harry Connick, Jr. onstage, combined with a rap from the author of my obsessively favorite musical In the Heights is an amazing night indeed. Check out this closing night wrap-up:


And in the final analysis, what survives tonight?

Theater, because it’s what we live, we’re changing some lives tonight

And theater thrives because we live to give it, so to speak

This ain’t reality TV, this is eight shows a week

Every chorus member that you saw tonight tappin’

Had to make miracles happen

For a chance to see you clappin’

And applauding in the audience. What’s next? Who knows?

Anything goes. Now go see a mother*** Broadway show.

Thank you, good night.

-Performed by Neil Patrick Harris and Written by the amazingly talented Lin-Manuel Miranda

An that note, I’m out. I have a big meeting tomorrow, so I would appreciate all your good thoughts!


Coming Soon

Hello readers,

It seems Time Warner doesn’t agree with my posting schedule and has decided to knock out my cable and internet. Hopefully it will be repaired tomorrow where I can recap the 10k race and the Tony Awards (my favorite night of the year).

Until then, here’s a pic from my starting position waaaaaay in the back of the NYRR Mini 10k Saturday. 6,000 women took to the NYC streets for this 40th anniversary of the run. Pretty awesome.

My view from the start of the 10k in Columbus Circle

My view from the start of the 10k in Columbus Circle

Welcome (Back)?

I thought maybe having a new blog home would help me a little on the actual writing part of keeping a blog, so I have made the leap here to fancy WordPress and we’ll see how it goes.

Life for this theatrical girl for the last two months has consisted of finding joy when I come in $.32 under my budget for groceries every month (anyone else? groceries are expensive y’all.) Yes, the theatre unemployment bug has finally worked its way into my life and has caused me to slow down a little and readjust life in the big city.

I’ve also filled my days by finally realizing the end is near for my dear Friday Night Lights, so I’m finally starting the fourth season. I’ve been putting it off for so long just because I don’t want my days of watching the Taylors pour coffee in their kitchen to ever end. That’s probably the least descriptive thing I could have ever said about this amazing show, but really, if you watch it, then you know what I mean. Brillance.

And then, there’s the running. Running. I keep waiting for the moment that I’m like, “oh my gosh! I LOVE this.” But really, I’m afraid that day won’t come until June 29th, when the Astoria Park Pool opens for the summer, and this lifelong swimmer can get back in the chlorine where she belongs. That being said, I’m still trying really hard to be a runner. Sometime that means signing up for races after a few too many glasses of wine (re: this Saturday’s NYRR Mini 10k) and for me it means the only thing that gets me out the door is the knowledge that when I get home, I can plug in my Nike+ and pull up my endomondo webpage and see all the CHARTS AND GRAPHS that come from doing a sport where GPS can track you. Motivation is motivation, right? And I’m totally convinced that you can run as far as you lie to your body about. For me this Saturday, that will start after about mile 1.2. You’re almost finished (with 5 miles to go…).

And as far as the job search goes, I find myself interviewing again, which is a weird thing after working so steadily for so long. How do you convince people you’re a good company manager? (For those three people reading my blog that aren’t related to me, a Broadway company manager is the liaison between the producers and the company – in charge of everything from ticket inventory to union reports to payroll to dressing room paint colors. Simply put, if someone doesn’t know who does x thing in the theatre, that job is most likely the company manager’s). It is an insane job with crazy hours and crazier stories, but I just can’t help but love it.  In any case, I am finding it difficult to really get across the kind of company manager I am. It’s sort of like one of those stories that ends with, “oh, well, I guess you had to be there.” It probably won’t be long before I’m calling colleagues of mine and asking them to tell the people I’m interviewing with the same story, just so that maybe it will be funnier coming from someone else. Whatever, interviewing is weird.

However, what prompted me to start this blog up about stories that pop up in my life that make me laugh was this text I received from my mom right before my latest interview. I texted her to let me know that I was headed into the interview and to wish me luck. Here is her response:

Be yourself, use your humor and show your fantastic personality. You’ll have them at “hello”… borrowed the quote from Jerry Maguire.

See, if you want to have any doubt where finding the humor in things comes so naturally to me, all you need to know is in this quote. My mom, so lovingly doling out positive thoughts to her nervous daughter, including borrowing a line from a movie made in 1996, and then attributing the quote to the original source. You know, just so I didn’t think my mom, the recently retired public school teacher was plagiarizing. Or, also, just making sure I was impressed by her knowledge of pop culture (which I was, I mean, it really is amazing that she got the name of the movie right.) Thankfully, I got this text after the interview, because I was laughing and crying at random intervals for the rest of the day.

So, there you have it, a pretty good overview of what I’m hoping to share with this blog. Just a place to share my random thoughts and stories and make you all realize my mom is the best ever. 🙂