My first week at Sister Act has been a whirlwind due to the nature of both the outgoing CM’s impending maternity leave and the fact that I jumped onboard a speeding train that had just barreled through Opening Night, many early morning tv press appearances, and Tony season madness; however, nothing could have prepared me for the VIP guest that would be in the house on the one-week anniversary of my employment.


Sidebar: So, most of you who know me know that I have an extreme love of the brilliantly genius Aaron Sorkin series, The West Wing. Thanks to owning the DVDs and to Bravo for showing 2 hours of episodes every morning for years, I have probably seen the entire series at least five times through, and still. if I knew I could find it on tv right now, I would turn it on and watch it all over again. Game on!


I only quote The West Wing now, as it was the only experience I could draw from to welcome the President of the United States to Sister Act Thursday night.

No, not Martin Sheen. This President:

Um, how incredible is that? From a sheer logistics standpoint, it has been incredible the number of details that come into making appropriate arrangements, and though I am only on the cusp of the arranging, it is beyond exciting. And neve-wrecking. And a million conference calls, and lists, and id badges, and lists, and moving things, and draping things, and words such as “lockdown” and “sweep.” Excitement. The most mind-boggling thing is that they don’t really tend to share many details with you until the absolute last minute, for security reasons, so we found ourselves in several dressing rooms the night before the event saying, “ok, so, turns out, they will be commandeering this entire side of the dressing room towers after intermission, so please check in with our amazing wardrobe staff to see how they have completely re-choreographed all of your Act II quick-changes and where they will be setting up your makeshift dressing rooms for the evening” to several of the principal actors in our show.

All in all, thanks to the flexibility and brillance of our outstanding company, the event went off amazingly well. To be honest, I didn’t actually get to attend this epic performance of Sister Act, as it appears four days isn’t enough time to be vetted with the Secret Service, nor was there any need to have three company managers on hand with all of the extra people milling around backstage, but just knowing POTUS was there was an awesome feeling indeed. Also, the stage right dressing rooms now have signs on them that read “POTUS Holding Room.” Game On.


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