Cell Phone Meltdown

My beloved Blackberry Curve 8900 is barely squeaking by these days. I’m but a few short weeks from being able to upgrade it, and I am truly at a loss for what to do. Before you write it, no, I don’t want an iPhone. I’m happy with my T-Mobile (or, maybe soon-to-be ATT) service, and I’m not looking to change. Plus, I just can’t get onboard with the iPhone keyboard. Say what you will about adjusting to it, but I’ve had my iPod Touch for about five years now, and it hasn’t happened yet.

That being said, my problem is that T-Mobile has on it’s schedule for “this summer” the newest Blackberry 9900. This is ideally the phone I’d like to get; however, this morning, it took me 4 hours to finally get my phone to turn on and deliver my email without freaking out and resetting itself. Now, that I’m back in the workforce, this just won’t cut it.

So, do I play the waiting game – willing my poor Blackberry to hold on for dear life? Or do I settle for the most current BlackBerry they have in stock now (BlackBerry Bold 9780)?

Or, OR, do I go completely rouge, throw my incredible sense of brand loyalty out the window and purchase the newest Droid – HTC Sensation 4G. I mean, I already like the name of the phone in its total theatricality. But, the sense of guilt I will have leaving my beloved BlackBerry might be too much to overcome.

Sigh, I realize this is a first world problem, but considering that yesterday, my BlackBerry shut itself down at noon and didn’t manage to reboot itself until about 6pm, it is very much on my mind as I’m afraid it won’t last the first weekend I’m flying solo at the theatre, and I just can’t risk that!

Anyone have any suggestions or suffer serious guilt from breaking up with your favorite brand loyal item?


4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Meltdown

  1. I went from a BlackBerry to a Droid last year. I love my Droid…it DID take me a little while to get used to the touch screen though, so be warned. But I don’t regret it…and I was in LOVE with my BlackBerry and had sworn I would never change. Go for it!!

  2. I just switched from TMobile to Virgin and i love it. they have a 1200 minute, unlimited text and web plan for Blackberry for $50 a month, plus normal sales tax, not insane cell-phone-fees-and-recovery-whatsit. I LOVE the service (which shares AT&T towers) and although it took about two weeks, I can now send emails using the touch screen on my LG Optimus T android phone. Good luck with the choices out there, first-world girl!

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