NYRR Mini 10k Recap

And we’re back! Thankfully, it took Time Warner all of 30 seconds to find the problem with my cable, and after two days of watching Arrested Development and Return to Me (not an awful way to spend the evening though, to be honest), we’re back online just in time to check-in on a never-ending loop of 27 Dresses. Ugh, maybe I should KEEP the cable off.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, the NYRR Mini 10k. I should probably start by saying my training for this 10k was probably less than ideal. I managed to give myself the worst sunburn that I can remember last Saturday out in Long Beach. Seriously, I must have been putting the sunscreen on in my sleep and completely burned the backs of both of my legs. They were so sore, that running was just out of the question, probably not the best way to go into a 10k. Also, I had some random things happen on Friday that sort of knocked me out of my mental game, so that didn’t help either. Nor did the glass bottle of pinot grigio my cousin and I used to make the day turn around a little help my race tactics; however, it did help my mental state, so, thanks Sus for a great Friday night.

So, with that being said, I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, showered, ate two slices of toast with peanut butter, and made my way to the city. I sort of love the races more than the running themselves. Just the camaraderie of the event is so cool. For instance, I was on the train headed into the city, and another fellow runner got on, saw my number, smiled at me and said, “hey, good luck today!” Runners are nice people!

This 10k is women only, and if you think that would make the crowd at the starting line any smaller, you would be so mistaken. Upwards of 7,000 women took to the streets along Columbus Circle and Central Park West to start the race. Pretty awesome. I started the race off pretty strong for me, clocking in my fastest 5k ever at 34.10. My playlist was killer, y’all. Who knew that “Strongest Suit” from Aida would make me kick into gear so hard! However, once we made the turn into the park and I saw the crest of those brutal hills, my body just shut down. I seriously couldn’t run any further. The 96% humidity didn’t help matters, nor did my second slice of toast (nor the pinot grigio, but whatever). My calves were super sore and I just had no energy left, so I ended up walking the hills, which was about mile 3 to 4. Then I sort of walked/ran the last 2.2 miles.

As a swimmer, I’m more than used to individual sports. I know that so much more of it is mental than it is physical, and I couldn’t help but sort of laugh to myself at just how out of it I was during this race. I felt defeated and tired. I tried to shake it off, but once you are mentally in a certain state of mind mid-event, it is so hard to change that. So, I just chalked the entire event up to experience, remembering that it wasn’t that long ago I wasn’t able to run more than a mile, so I’ve still made it a long way. Plus, I got a great pink shirt AND my very first running medal. Exciting. Many kudos to my far-away coach/mentor/college roommate Jamie, who’s been a running machine since I met her. I sent her a text saying I had to walk a lot of the race, and she told me just getting out of bed and finishing the race is an accomplishment! Made me smile at the end of a long morning!

After the race, I headed back to Queens and spent the afternoon with my sister and brother-in-law and their spastic puppy Tully, as well as Tully’s bff Olive. Tully’s crazy puppy energy combined with Olive’s adolescent angst was entertainment for at least two hours. Then we watched lots of The Daily Show reruns and a random episode of Wipeout. Seriously, I can’t watch that show at all. I’m just wincing every moment of it. Finally, I headed home to begin the Arrested Development marathon with Sus. Really, quite a lovely day.

I’m scheduled to run the NYRR Portugal Day 5 mi race on Sunday morning. I have a choir retreat in the Poconos on Saturday (eeeeeek! so much singing!!!!), so we’ll see how I’m feeling when 6am rolls around on Sunday!


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