Musical Sneak Attacks

If you’ve read my “About Me” section of this blog, or really, if you know me at all, you know that maybe I’m not quite that familiar with any sort of popular music, or music that was popular within the last few years. I feel like I’m always telling people, “oh my gosh, I just heard the greatest song!” Only to discover that everyone else on the planet had discovered this same song four years ago.

This phenomena has only been made so much worse by watching Glee, in which I’ve never heard the original versions of songs, just the Glee version. What can you do? A few times, this has happened while watching a few of my other favorite tv shows. I fully believe this stems from listening to the two soundtracks from Dawson’s Creek on repeat throughout college. (To be fair, I really thought I was cutting edge back then – listening to music made popular by Joey and Pacey’s angst-ridden love scenes.)

Anyway, the first time in recent memory that a song in the background of a tv show happened during one of my severely-missed 8am reruns of The West Wing on Bravo. Ugh, doesn’t everyone miss this? Anyway, it was during an episode called “The Red Mass.” Which was season 4, episode 4. I have tried incredibly unsuccessfully to find a clip from this episode to add to this entry, so just imagine you’re in a cathedral. The music coming from my tv was a choral piece that was so pretty I to immediately find out what it was. After scanning a few episode recaps, I learned it was the first movement from Vivaldi’s “Gloria.” Too this day, it is still one of my favorite choral pieces.

This happened again just the other day when I was watching an episode of Friday Night Lights. This song was being used as an underscore to the final scene from the first episode of season four. It was so pretty and had a melody that seemed so familiar to me, but the words didn’t register at all. Upon listening to the song a few times, I recognized it as “Sing a New Church” which is a hymn we frequently sing as a closing song for Mass. Through the powers of Google, I learned that that song is based in an old Mormon hymn entitled, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and in this episode it was being sung beautifully by Sufjan Stevens.

Anyone out there in the interwebs found a favorite song when it was being used on a tv soundtrack? I will also admit to discovering “Come on Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson while buying magazines in an airport bookstore. I love when the music finds you!

Speaking of music, stay tuned for my 10k playlist for the NYRR Mini 10k tomorrow. It will have to be awesome to get me through those hills on a supremely early, possibly rainy Saturday morning.


2 thoughts on “Musical Sneak Attacks

  1. Susan, you are blogging fiend! Anyway, I have the same problem where I hear popular songs for the first time on Glee. Confession: I had never heard a Lady Gaga song until the episode of Glee in the first season where they did a few of her songs. Also, I heard Teenage Dream and F**k you on Glee first, too! I feel so out of touch!

    You should download this app called Shazam. It will save you lots of googling time when you want to know what a song is. You can just hold your phone or ipod up to the speaker when the song is on, and it will tell you what is. It’s pretty cool.

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