Let’s Go Mavs!

If counted the total number of Mavericks games I’ve watched in my life, all together it wouldn’t equal one full game. In fact, I distinctly remember this very same basketball team not being able to GIVE enough tickets away when I was just an eighth grade bank geek at Shackelford Junior High. But then again, my Rangers made it to the World Series last fall, so I suppose anything is possible.

My knowledge of basketball is limited to a VERY misguided attempt to play on the seventh grade team at SJHS. I still believe to this day that my height was the only reason they gave me a chance on the “D” team. I think we all know it wasn’t my outstanding coordination. I mean, I had to share a jersey with a girl on the “C” team. And by jersey, I mean a screen printed t-shirt. What the heck Patriots? Couldn’t spring for just one more t-shirt? Like, during tournaments, we had to go in the locker room between games and EXCHANGE SHIRTS. Are you serious?? Gross. Anyway, having never played basketball before, I suppose I was at a distinct disadvantage from all the other girls who had been playing at the Y since 3rd grade. I still don’t really understand any of the rules of the game. I do have a memory of anytime the ball ended up in my hands, I could not pass it fast enough. Ugh, the stress of taking a shot and missing it. My twelve year-old psyche just couldn’t handle it. Thank goodness one season was enough to realize that swimming was just about the only sport where my spaziness translated into speed. And quickly, we all decided (probably including my basketball coach) that summer league swimming at the Y just wasn’t going to be enough, and I quickly found myself signing up for Swim Team Arlington at the University of Texas – Arlington pool shortly thereafter.

My only other knowledge of basketball comes courtesy of my brother-in-law Nick, who is a life-long Cleveland Cavaliers fan, no matter how painful. (Go Cavs!) So, by default, I have to hate Lebron James now, so this makes the perfect matchup for my newfound interest.

So, since I am still a Dallas girl at heart, I’ll go ahead and throw my hat in the ring. Lets Go Mavs!


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